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Ever struggle to maintain your lifestyle changes during the winter months? Oftentimes we tell ourselves that it will be so much easier in the summertime! But will it? The summer is loaded with get-togethers, BBQs, picnics, happy hours, vacations, and all types of celebrations that are filled with food and alcohol. Use these tips to float through summer like you’re relaxing down the lazy river in an inner tube! 

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Stopping at a farm stand or attending a farmer’s market is a great way to feel a part of the local community, support our economy, and get great nutrition! When food is grown locally, it does not have to be picked prematurely and ripened on a truck or plane over hundreds or even thousands of miles! Not only are you having a positive effect on the environment by eating foods grown closer to home, but you are also eating food that will have a higher vitamin and mineral content! Let’s go through some of the benefits of eating what is grown near you:  

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This is a great time of the year to enjoy foods grown and produced locally! Farmer’s markets and farm stands are in full swing until October and some even until December or longer! Seasonal vegetables and fruits as well as locally raised animal products and locally caught seafood are all delicious and nutritious! Let’s go through some of the benefits of eating what is grown near you:  It’s fresher! Produce at local farm stands or markets are usually picked that same day or the day before. These same foods at grocery stores would have been picked several days or weeks...

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