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Typically, by this time in the year people have lost momentum on the resolutions set on January 1st to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. The new year brings excitement for change…and then life happens!

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Do you often struggle with where to start when you are faced with a new challenge?  Setting goals is a good way to streamline the process and break the steps down into something more manageable.  To help, we are going to talk about SMART goals.  When you think of the word SMART, you may think wise, intelligent, witty, on the ball.  And yes, SMART goals can be all of those and some. 

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The quarantine, colder weather, and not being able to go to the gym can all be barriers to maintain a healthy level of physical activity.  There is one thing that the quarantine may have taught many of us, and that is how to be more tech-savvy and creative in how we get things done. Below are a few examples of ways to take advantage of new technology and things around your house to remain active indoors and increase your activity level!

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