Reverse Heart Disease & Diabetes

Reduce your risk for heart disease....

Many of our patients come to us after an initial diagnosis of elevated cholesterol, and some have cholesterol numbers that are high enough to be treated with medication. Other patients come to us concerned with their rising blood sugar numbers, having been told that they are pre-diabetic. The go-to recommendation to “lose weight and eat less” is not effective in stopping disease progression and medications are sometimes a necessary intervention.

At Pounds Transformation, we use “food as medicine” to help lower elevated cholesterol and rising blood sugars and to prevent the progression to diabetes. Whether you have high cholesterol, rising blood sugars or a diagnosis of diabetes, we know how to help prevent and reverse the disease process. We will teach you to understand the importance of properly balancing carbohydrates, proteins and fat in your diet and the profoundly positive impact this can have on your health. Nourishing your body with the right foods can be your lifeline to preventing common medical problems.